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Remote Software:

Need to remote in to you computer from another computer, phone or tablet? This is really good software and is the one…. See More:

Phising Scams:

Wether you spend just a few minutes or hours surfing the web beware that Phishing scams are on the rise - "Again "…. See More:

Your Antivirus:

So have you been using the same antivirus for years? Do you think it is doing a good job protecting your computer…. See More:

Touch Screens:

If your thinking about buying a laptop with a touch screen you might want to think twice. Most of the screen vendors do not stock them and if they do they are very…. See More:

Tech & Your Health:

From smart phones to Iphones, tablets to Ipads and computers with touch screens it’s hard to imagine

that all this technology is affecting

our health. Nevertheless…. See More:

Chrome Warning:

If you use Google Chrome there is a new Ransomware that has been specifically designed just for you. A simple social engineering attack that with one click encrypts…. See More:

HP Battery Recalls:

HP recently disclosed they

will be recalling an estimated 101,000 lithium batteries due to overheating and fire hazards. According to the Verge the devices effected are…. See More:

Controls For Parents:

A new Family Link app would let parents block videos and change settings from their own phone.

Whether we’re trying to grab a few minutes of rest or…. See More:

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 Tech Blunders.

2016 was an interesting year. From phones that caught on fire to major security beeches .... the list goes on and on. Though I personally think Microsoft with their Win 10 rollup…. See More:

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