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If one anti-virus is good then two or more is better.

(False) Though this sounds like a great idea it actually adds to the possibility of getting infected. When two active anti-virus programs are running at the same time they actually fight each other for ownership. Before the two can figure out which is going to scan the file first the virus, malware or Trojan can slip away and infect your computer. Only one active anti-virus should be installed and it should automatically update the latest definitions.  Periodic full computer scans should be performed as well.

If I get infected do I really need to change all my on-line passwords?

(True)  For the most part you never know what the infections purpose is. Some of the infections gather data such as email accounts, bank accounts and credit card information. They can also recover personal info such as name addresses, phone numbers and social security numbers from your computer. Changing both your passwords and security questions is the best way to prevent them from access to you accounts and can also help prevent Identity Theft.

I should keep renewing the same anti-virus every year.

(False Though it is best to always have a current active anti-virus installed on your computer their ability to fight off infections can change from year to year. It is always best to do some research and see who has the best current detection ratings and rankings before you automatically renew yours. You may find that yours is no longer your best choice.

I got a popup or message saying “Microsoft”, “Windows”, “Warning” and to “Contact Us” so I should.

(False)  No one who is involved with your computer will ever contact you either though your computer or by phone. Not Microsoft, not your anti-virus provider, not even your printer manufacture…NO ONE!  These are scams intended to gain access to your computer and once they do they now have access to everything.  These types of infections are dangerous and can be hard to remove. They should be removed as soon as possible by a professional at your local computer repair shop.

Java, Flash player and Adobe reader keeps popping up and they want me to update but I should never click on anything that I am not sure what it is.

(True and False )  You should never click on anything if you are not sure what it is. On the other hand Java, Flash Player and Adobe reader do need to be updated periodically due to security issues. Since many infections mask themselves as one of the three in the hopes that you will click on them there is a simple way to avoid the problem.  All three are available on the manufactures websites. Java can be downloaded at  and both Flash Player and Adobe Reader can be downloaded at There you can download and install the latest versions and if the popup is legit then they should simply go away because you now have the latest

Version. If not then your computer is infected.

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Greg Ossege - Computer Tech/General Manager

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