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Repairs Done On-Site or in Shop Hourly Rates

Hourly Rate:   $78.00 with a $39.00 minimum

The $39.00 Minimum which maybe reduced depending upon the repair

Online Remote Assistance Hourly Rates

Hourly Rate:   $78.00 with a $39.00 minimum


       Service Specials

Virus Removal - $117.95**






               *Standard cleaning/removal service only*

            **Embedded cleaning/removal

                includes registry and system file repair

                plus a PC tune-up**


PC Tune-up - Normally $79.95 / Now $69.95

Has you PC become sluggish? Do you remember how great it was when it was new? There are a lot of reasons why computers slow down over time. Registry errors, left over files and software pieces are just to name a few. Let our PC Technicians give your PC a proper Tune-Up and help you regain the performance you have been missing.

**Does not included virus removal**

From a flash drive, memory stick to a crashed hard drive we have the software to recover your data. We offer Data Recovery at a fraction of the cost of the national labs. In most cases our deep scanning software can recover your Documents, pictures, music and email and in some cases even your entire user account. Best of all we will no charge you if we can not recover any data**

**Drive must be readable with our software**

**No charge applies if we can not recover any data**

PC Tune-up

  Our Hourly Rate

Virus Removal

Data Recovery - Normally $115.00 / Now $89.95

Screen Repair - Replacement

Screen Replacement

Is your screen cracked or bleeding colors. Is your picture dim, fades out or is completely black? Depending on your symptoms you probably  need a new screen, back light or inverter. With over 150 screen replacements and repairs all ready completed we are quickly  becoming the  local experts when it comes to your screen repair needs. This repair does requires an in in store inspection to make sure we have the right part numbers ant to inspect the hardware.

25% Off the cost of labor on any Screen Repair or Replacement

Other Repairs We Do

And much more

Power supply replacement

Touch pad repair

Ethernet card replacement

Broken hinge mounts

Shell -Case repair

Power jack repair

Video card replacement

Audio card replacement

Broken case mounts

Shell replacement

Option l -  For Donation - Normally $79.95 / Now $69.95

We delete your user account and files. Next we wipe the free space with the DOD 5220.22-M (3 passes) method and create a new account for the user. This option leaves the operating system and programs intact ( as long as the programs were installed for all users). This is a much better choice then donating your computer with your user account intact or simply  deleting your user account and files. However this method does not guarantee that all the data was removed or over written on your hard drive.

Option 2 - For Donation -Normally  $109.95 / Now $99.95

With this option all data, software and including the operating system will be removed. We wipe the entire drive with the DOD 5220.22-M (3 passes) method. Format the drive and reload Windows, drivers and the most recent service pack. This is a very good choice since the drive has been wiped first before re-installing Windows and the chances of data recovery  from the old partition is very slim.

Option 3 - For Recycling - Normally $54.95 / Now $39.95

We use the DOD 5220.22-M (3 passes) method to wipe the drive then we reformat the drive for another layer of


Data Destruction

Data Destruction